A downloadable erotic for Windows

A short audio-visual-novel staring a NEW version of GLaDOS from the games Portal and Portal 2.
All audio is from the games, so DO NOT PAY FOR THIS GAME. Instead, support me, VSPAR on Patreon at patreon.com/vspar

You can also drop by and support my blog at vspar.blogger.com



Install instructions

Just download and run GLaDOS-DEMO.exe




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I cant get it to run :/

Yeah.  For some reason posting it on itch.io may have corrupted the run file.  Still working on a final version hopefully soon, if real life would get off my ass and give me a chance to work on it.

Ahh ok, well thats a shame. Thanks for the response, and good luck on the final version; looking forward to it :D

And in response to Real Life being an asshole, I like to ask myself, "what would Cave Johnson do?"

So I made Lemon Grenades