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A short audio-visual-novel staring a NEW version of GLaDOS from the games Portal and Portal 2.
All audio is from the games!

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GLaDOS-B.rar 71 MB
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GLaDOS-B_Mac.rar 75 MB

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How do I play this game on android?

So I've been looking into it and the program I used said it supported an Android export.  Unfortunately, the export doesn't work.  At least, by itself.  I am continuing to try and figure out what needs to be done, but it seems like it requires another program that you have to pay for for it to be a native android installer.

How do I install it on android?

I got it to work once a long time ago, but some things have changed since then and I think the program I use has extra steps to install for android.  I'll try and take a look when I get a chance.


Thank you! It seems like a interesting game so thanks for replying 😊


RELEASED!  And it only took... half a year?  FFS, me!

I cant get it to run :/

Yeah.  For some reason posting it on itch.io may have corrupted the run file.  Still working on a final version hopefully soon, if real life would get off my ass and give me a chance to work on it.

Ahh ok, well thats a shame. Thanks for the response, and good luck on the final version; looking forward to it :D

And in response to Real Life being an asshole, I like to ask myself, "what would Cave Johnson do?"

So I made Lemon Grenades